"Hypnotherapy training, NLP courses and Stress Management Seminars held in the tranquil setting of our Scottish retreat centre"

Hypnotherapy course students

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Learn how to use Hypnotherapy and NLP for your own well-being
on a Personal One-to-One Development Retreat
with Matthew Ferguson

I created the Motivation Method Retreats for Personal Development to teach you how to use Hypnosis and NLP  to overcome the challenges you face.

You will learn ways to:

  • deal with stress
  • regain focus
  • develop and maintain motivation
  • be free from anxiety
  • overcome depression
  • deal with other personal challenges

Discover how to:

  • use your mind's cognitive powers, memory, imagination and spirit to gain clarity of purpose and motivation
  • change emotional states
  • change attitudes and behaviours
  • create the life you want

You will gain a new and deeper understanding of how the mind works through experiencing Hypnosis and NLP and be able to take charge of your life.  Importantly, you will leave with practical tools that help you maintain those changes and allow for further personal development, renewal and growth.

You wil receive the care and attention you need to make the changes you desire.  The retreat is :

  • a time when you can step back from the rush of everyday life
  • a time when you can relax and trust the process that is directed by the natural flow of personal discovery and growth
  • an experience that puts you in touch with your inner resources

Read more about Matthew Ferguson and his journey.

What is the cost, what is included?

Our Retreats take place in the heart of the Scottish Highlands in a wonderful rural location within the Cairngorm National Park. They are held over a period of 2 days (3 nights) and cost £750 fully inclusive of:

  • all therapeutic/personal development sessions
  • all food and accommodation
  • a personal CD made during your sessions with me

There are no fixed dates for the Retreat.  You can contact us and let us know when you would like to attend.

Please note that a retreat is not a full training in Hypnotherapy and NLP. Please visit our training page for more details if you wish to become a qualified Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner.

Have any questions about a Retreat?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a Retreat here with Matthew please call 01479 831614 or e-mail and he will be happy to discuss your desired outcome.

Getting here:

The Motivation Training Retreat centre is situated 4 miles north of Aviemore in the Cairngorm National Park.  We are in one of the most beautiful locations in the UK.  A relaxing and peaceful place in which to enjoy your Retreat.

Air, road and rail links make access to us easy and accessible from anywhere in the UK.


Graduate Karen Darke and Matthew Ferguson at Motivation Training

Matthew with Karen Darke
Silver medalist Paralympics London 2012 and Gold medalist at Rio 2016
Para-Triathlon World Champion


Retreat Press Reviews:

Maria McErlane - Actress  " I was met at the airport by Matthew Ferguson a former City boy who gave up the rate race 15 years ago, trained as a hypnotherapist and how now runs Motivation Retreats and Training from his and his partner Jan's home in the Highlands of Scotland. I liked him immediately and as we talked about my life, hopes and dreams I was already feeling much lighter of spirit. The next morning I had my first hypnotherapy session this was easy to get into and left me with a burst of energy and ready for a bike ride together in the nearby forest. Sunday was a glorious day and I confessed that I did not want to go back to London and that I had fallen in love with them both.

Simone Hayes: Natural Health "Matthew describes the therapy on offer in terms of advances, rather than retreats. A stay with Matthew and Jan can be more or less anything you want it to be. In my case, this included a comfortable en-suite room and fantastic food, but whatever you are looking for-be it solitude, inspiration, guidance or relaxation-you've an excellent chance of finding it at Avingormack on a Motivation Programme. Everything is done in such a relaxed and unobtrusive manner that within a day you really feel as if you have made two new friends. The great thing about Motivation Retreats is there's no pressure to do anything-and for those of us with stressful lifestyles, there's plenty of appeal in that.

Retreats - Client feedback and testimonials:

"The work we have done together and the work I plan to continue has given me back to myself. I've thanked the old Ann I've thanked the new Ann and now I would like to thank you! You and Jan have made me feel very welcome and relaxed in your lovely home. When I reflect on my journey here I really do feel transformed. I feel the work we have done together has given me the strength, insight and wisdom among a multitude of other thoughts and feelings to now go forward in a way I never thought possible! Ann (London)

"I found your course inspiring and informative. Your enthusiasm and patience assisted me to absorb information. I particularly enjoyed the personal therapy, which clarified situations in my life I've hung onto and crucified myself about over the decades. Overall a truly inspiring and uplifting week in a lovely environment, which adds to the ambiance of this course. (Alison) Aberdeen

"I think it's been wonderful. The mix between private sessions and personal time was just right. Jan's food is delicious and her contribution in other ways is very caring. The whole place is a great inspiration. The way Matthew does hypnotic sessions and tapes is great". Brenda (France)

"Being in beautiful surroundings and a relaxed atmosphere made the sessions so much easier. I personally found the whole thing very helpful and go away feeling I've accomplished my aim, which was to be focused and clear minded and relaxed". (Tim) Norwich

"10 out of 10. Much more learned due to the fact that the course is residential and in a safe environment. Matthew your skills are excellent.Beautiful voice for hypnosis. You also naturally know where to go. Your care and love for people shines through and allows people to trust you totally. Last pieces of jigsaw in place. I cannot thank you enough". (Agnes) Glasgow


hypnotherapy practitioner
Senior Practitioner of The General Hypnotherapy Register

Member of The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council 

Accredited Hypnotherapy Courses

Member of The Hypnotherapy Association

Athentic Happiness Coach

Graduate of the “Authentic Happiness Coaching” programme




Motivation Training, Avingormack, Boat of Garten, Inverness-shire, PH24 3BT | t: 01479 831614